I travel through a time travel tunnel

It would be very interesting and amusing to make a tunnel of the time because I want to travel in time. It can lead the world to science one step further. However, it also has its  bad points, because when it is damaged, it will need a lot of time and effort to be repaired. At first I would like to visit past time, because now people have more conclusions about the past and I would like to be the person who will know the exact past for the first time. But it would have been worse there because there were always wars and I would have to  prevent myself. I would like to teach many people there to make their work easier and practically. There will be many people who would like to make friends with me and travel with me in time. I would like to find friends for me in the past, because at that time I would not be alone and give my free time to those people. Then I would go with my friends to the future where there will be more interesting things. I want to see our country in the future, and I want to see what’s going on in the future. Then I would continue my journey with my friends in the future and would see many planets that have not been discovered yet and can not even have an idea. Then I would like to find friends in the future who will tell me everything. Then I would take  my  friends from the past and returned to the present. I would tell my friends and my parents about this wonderful trip.


Թողնել պատասխան

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